Bring Me Sunshine

I thought I would do something different, they say a change is as good as a rest. So, I have photographed one painting 5 times, Each is a different detail of the painting. This one is the first, it is a crane , so often the little details aren’t properly appreciated, but without them our lives would just not be as vibrant or colourful. My heart always leaps when I see a butterfly, or hear a bird singing, when the air hums with the frantic beating of their tiny wings. On a dull day, in a dull week; here is a ray of sunshine. 4 more over the course of the weekend.

Published by alisontheartist2994

I am an Artist, based in Darlington who produces original and unique painted work in bright colours with acrylic paints and ink and watercolour of trees and flowers and animals and people expressing hope and celebrating the joy of life and a sense of wonder. I also have produced a set of beautiful limited edition cards in four designs blank for your message

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