New Moon – Part 4

Part 4 – the Girl, this is where the painting started with her face and with her costume, a white feather like tutu. She had an enchanted dream- like quality like she was hit by the moon’s beam. It was inspired by an Imelda May song I’ll meet you at the moon. I am not sure which title I prefer for the painting this or New Moon?. Perhaps you can let me know. Next image is the whole painting, fitting all of the images together to form the whole story.

Published by alisontheartist2994

I am an Artist, based in Darlington who produces original and unique painted work in bright colours with acrylic paints and ink and watercolour of trees and flowers and animals and people expressing hope and celebrating the joy of life and a sense of wonder. I also have produced a set of beautiful limited edition cards in four designs blank for your message

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