A little picture that I did when I had Covid in October 2021, I thought it deserved framing. It is a little pastel of the Autumn trees outside. I was not feeling very well at all , and for five days I could not really do anything, but on day 7, I started this little painting/ drawing and it really cheered me up and still does. I don’t do many pastels. Honesty grew in the garden last year, I planted it the year before and forgot about it, It was so beautiful at every stage of its life. I still have some of the silver paper thin seed pods I weaved them into a wreath made from hazel twigs from the garden.

Published by alisontheartist2994

I am an Artist, based in Darlington who produces original and unique painted work in bright colours with acrylic paints and ink and watercolour of trees and flowers and animals and people expressing hope and celebrating the joy of life and a sense of wonder. I also have produced a set of beautiful limited edition cards in four designs blank for your message

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