Sunshine on a rainy day

A lovely camping holiday inspired this painting. We went for five days to Ling’s Meadow a wonderful eco campsite in Suffolk. Camping in a meadow surounded by birds and butterflies and with Alpacas in the field. We cannot wait to go back. it didn’t matter that midweek we had a massive thunderstorm throughout the night, or that it rained as we packed up we still had a glorious time. When we arrived home it hadn’t rained at all. This is on paper with acrylic paints and ink. When it rains again as it will remember the sunshine!

Into the Garden

Into the Garden I started this canvas painting in the Spring but finished it a few days ago. It is 40cm by 40cm. painted with a palette knife and with brushes. The tree is an elm and the blackbird has sneaked onto the painting as he often does. The flowers to the left are clematis. The painting probably works best on the wall and from a distance. I started , as I always do with paints from other pictures I was working on , as I love to use all of the paint up on the next painting, so one painting evolves from the last. The diluted paint is then painted and dripped onto the canvas. On this painting from the dripping the dog and girl appeared, the painting grew from there.

The Spirit

The title of my painting came to me yesterday as l felt l needed a bit of yellow paint to brighten the day, then l added it to my picture and it was like adding sunlight, just like the warmth of a smile gladdens your heart and lifts your spirit. Spreading joy is often unconscious,a smile costs nothing so keep smiling even if for now it has to be behind a mask.


Here is a detail of the painting l am working on. It is about friendship, the sheep is influenced by a sheep l saw on a walk with friends in North Yorkshire. There is a cast of other characters which l will show you in the next few days. The girl l think looks a bit like a friend of mine. Wish l could claim that l aim to paint people infact any resemblance is always by chance.

Spring Joy

This painting is acrylic on paper.l saw the willow and the rabbit on a lovely walk with a friend in Darlington.l can see the white cherry from my window. I was so lucky to see some wonderful photos on the l love Teesdale Facebook Group which helped me with the lambs and curlew.l cannot walk in Teesdale again for a few days yet. Spring is a time of hope and rebirth l hope this painting captures some of that joy.