Light is crucial to life and it determines how we see, this painting is called Peace. These images were taken on the same day in the same room, but not in the same light. One is with in the sunlight and one is not. They look so different. The one in the winter sun is warm and glowing, but muted. The other sharper and more defined. I like them both, sometimes you don’t have to choose.

May to December

I had to try and capture the silver birch in the garden that was shimmering with a cascade of yellow leaves, as they fell from the tree. Why the title l just love the song which is so gently wistful as the year turns towards winter. A rogue stroke of the palette knife left a rabbit shape so he developed. I love dogs and birds so they had to be there. I don’t normally paint in portrait but l wanted to convey the height of the tree.Who is the girl, l have no idea.