Autumn Glow- Image Three

This is called Four but looking closely at it I see there are in fact five. The little dog, the hare, the owl, the little girl and the butterfly. I love Honesty I grew it from seed this year for the first time, and I have loved watching it grow and develop, I have been painting it all Summer and Autumn. I now have the dried branches in my house and they are still beautiful, silverly, delicate like the squiggles in this painting.

Autumn Moon image 1

This is a detail from my painting that I painted in late November , early December, before the winds blew away whole branches as well as the leaves. The moon was full and the leaves were shimmering in the remnants of sunlight. I saw a lot of beautiful colours which you will see revealed over the next few days. An image a day; the full painting on Friday. My friend told me she loved owls, so they feature in this painting, not that I need any excuse as they do tend to appear in my paintings. Have a lovely week, stay safe.

Exhibition at Darlington Building Society

Paradise is a lovely painting it has a luminous quality that needs to be seen to be fully enjoyed. It is is currently on display at Darlington Building Society in Tubwell Row Darlington, with another four of my paintings. All of the paintings are available for sale; my contact details are on the paintings, or you can contact me via Facebook or using the contact details on this website. I would love to know what you think of my paintings

Snow Angel

It is shortly going to be Winter, there is something quite magical about snowflakes softly and silently falling on a cold starry night. I thought it was like an angel was scattering them. This painting is one of five that are hanging for the next couple of months at Darlington Building Society in Tubwell Row in Darlington with some other wonderful art by local artists. I am told the paintings look better in the flesh. If you see them let me know what you think.

Autumn Leaves

I painted this last year as the trees were ablaze with colour. I started with acrylic inks on wet paper so the tree was the starting point. The leaves are changing colour only very slowly this year and autumn looks like it will be brief , so here is a painting of the splendor of Autumn Leaves bathed in warm sunlight. I have some exciting news I will post about this shortly.

It’s a lovely day tomorrow

The title of this painting is taken from the song, which is beautifully sung by Vera Lynn , and which I love to sing along too. It is a song full of hope, looking forward to the bright days that lie ahead. As a friend told me and he is right, there’s a lot going on in this picture, might well take a few detail shots, but for now here is the whole of the scene.