Moonlit night …. the picture begins

Here are three details of the picture, not necessarily in the right order. I will post each day that I work on this picture, with a reveal when it is completed with a video of the completed piece, I am not sure when it will be completed definitely by Friday, but it might be before, so keep checking the blog for updates . It is painted in acrylics but I might add a bit of pastel for extra drama

At Rainbow’s End……. a preview

On a rainfilled day I thought that a burst of rainbow colours would remind us of days full of colour. I am working on this painting and it is not quite finished, but I thought it might be interesting for you to see it evolve. This is the right side of the painting, I will feature the left tomorrow and the whole of the picture on Friday.

A walk in the park

in these strange days, when life is not a walk in the park, the things we usually take for granted and that we are still able to enjoy are so precious, a walk in the park is one of them. The feeling of the wind in your hair, the flushed cheeks the trees, the birds singing. The painting reminds me of the wonderful film A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood or rather Neighborhood as its American. It stars the superlative Tom Hanks as Lloyd Vogel and Matthew Rhys ( also excellent) as a cynical journalist . If you feel downcast I recommend this film it is heartwarming and gentle, reminding us that thinking of others and caring about them is a priceless gift .It was directed by Marielle Heller with the lightest of touch when it was over I wanted to watch it again. So think of others and offer your care and support particularly now when we all need it the most.